How to Guaranteed Pass a Hair Drug Test


Do you have a hair drug test coming up soon? Are you concerned that you might fail the test? Well, the good news is that certain practices can guarantee that you pass a hair drug test. Now, most people tend to lose hope when they know that they are up for a drug test. This is because hair drug tests are thorough and usually trace back up to 90 days of drug use.

However, if you find yourself in such a position, you are in the right place. I will tell you everything about how to guaranteed pass a hair drug test. Below are all the methods you can use to pass your test.

Detox Shampoo (100% pass rate)

If you have been looking for a guaranteed pass on your hair drug test, you have probably come across hair detox shampoos. Although most of these products claim to beat these drug tests, only a selected few will give you guaranteed results.

A product that I would recommend for anyone who wants to guarantee pass their test is the Old Style Aloe Shampoo. Understand that this product has been tested vigorously to ensure that it penetrates the hair shaft and detoxifies all the hair.

It is an excellent choice if you are looking for a guaranteed method to pass your upcoming hair follicle drug test. In case you need to pass the test to get your dream job, then this is the way to go. You will certainly not be disappointed when you purchase this product.

However, you might still have doubts about whether you will pass the test after using the Old-Style Aloe Shampoo. If you want to double-check whether the product works, I recommend that you acquire the Hair Confirm Kit.

Note that the home hair-confirm kit allows you to perform a drug test in your home. You will, therefore, get the peace of mind you need. Note that both of these products are guaranteed to ensure you get nothing but accurate results.

How Do I Test My Hair?

Do you have a little bit of time before the drug test? Well, you could always test your hair using an at-home kit. Note that the only guaranteed way of knowing whether or not you will pass your hair drug test is by carrying out the test yourself. Use the Test Clear At-Home Hair Confirm Kit to test your hair and get credible results.

I bring you the Test Clear kit because it is impressively accurate. You will also get a full 90-day report of drug use, which is a huge plus. However, lets us quickly look at how to take the drug test at home.

Your home-confirm kit will contain a pre-paid shipping envelope, a collection kit, and a comprehensive instructional. Use the guide to collect samples of hair from your body for testing. All you need is about 90-120 hairs from any part of your body.

Place the sample in the pre-paid shipping envelope and mail it. It will take about three days before you get your hair drug test results. Note that the results are available online, and all you need is your HairConfirm Specimen ID.

The results will stay confidential and anonymous. You will not be asked for your name or social security number. Finally, the results will break down everything about your drug use for the past 90 days. You will even get particulars of the usage amount designated as either low (occasional), high (constant), and medium (weekend).
Completely Shave Off the Entire Body (automatic fail)

Did you know that it takes about a week before drugs become detectable on your hair? Well, now that you know this fact, passing a drug test becomes simpler. You can shave off every hair on your body and stay drug-free for about four to six days.

Let’s take an example of somebody who smoked over the weekend. If you wake up early Monday morning and shave off everything on your entire body. You will have a little bit of hair growth by Friday. Here comes the good news: You will probably pass if you take the hair drug test on that Friday. The bad news, however, is that drug particles will be detectable by the weekend, which means that your window of opportunity is relatively small.

Note that this method is not ideal for all types of scenarios and situations. Whether it is practical and realistic will come down to you. Explaining to your future employer why you shaved your entire body, a few days before your hair drug test, can be rather tricky.

This guaranteed method of passing a hair drug test is for the bold. Yes, you will pass your test without a doubt. Explaining the reasons for shaving before a hair drug test will become a problem. Luckily, there are other guaranteed pass a hair drug test methods for you.

Light User Loophole (highly risky)

Are you a light user who is up for a hair drug test? Well, there is a small loophole that allows you to pass your drug test. Although hair drug tests are dreaded by most people, they don’t detect small or occasional drug use.

If you only use drugs occasionally, then the hair follicle test will not detect the presence of these drugs in your system. This light user loophole gives you a guilt-free pass without having to resort to any drastic measures.

Note that labs only detect moderate to high drug use. If you are a seasonal drug user, then you will always pass your hair drug test. However, if you know that you use drugs regularly, this method can turn into a huge gamble.

Finally, understand that every single individual is different. No science can quantify the amount of drug use that can guarantee a guilt-free pass. I would not recommend this method on extremely important drug tests that may alter your everyday life.

Using the products in this article, you are guaranteed to pass your hair follicle drug test. However, note that using the Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo is the best alternative right now. It would also help if you tested yourself at home before going in for the actual test.